Who we are

OCG Learning is part of the Oxford Computer Group family, a global specialist in identity, access and enterprise mobility.

We work with organizations of all sizes and sectors in Europe and North America. That gives our consultants, who are also our trainers, real-world experience of using the products they’re teaching. We know the tips and tricks and we’ll teach them to you.

We have a close and productive relationship with Microsoft. We advise and influence product development and find out about the latest technologies long before they’re on the market.

We train our competitors and we train Microsoft on their own products, too.

Discover what our customers say about their training with us.

Since 2002, we have trained more than 7,000 IT professionals in six continents.

L to R: Hugh, Julie, Mark, Andi, Jane and Paul

We have teams in Oxfordshire, England, (pictured), North America, the Netherlands, Germany and Austria, but we can be anywhere you want us to be.

Our trainers have recently been to teach in North America, the Caribbean, the Middle East and Scandinavia. And students from all over the world join us in our classrooms, either physically or virtually – live over the internet, or online self-paced.


We have a long and proud pedigree.

OCG began as a training company in 1983 in Oxford, England. It soon grew to teaching IT professionals a whole range of technologies. And we’ve been doing it ever since.

Since 2002 we have focused predominantly on Microsoft identity and access products.

DCIM100GOPROGOPR0291.Hugh Simpson-Wells, founder and chief executive of OCG, pictured right, says:

“Personal computers were virtually unknown in those days. Businesses were only just waking up to the potential and power of IT within their organizations. To us it was very clear that IT would change entirely how business works and how we communicate with one another.

“So we began by teaching some basic coding to kids. Now we teach some of the most complex technologies, giving people the power to link disparate systems across global enterprises and do business better and smarter, and communicate more effectively.”


If you’re looking for the world’s finest training in Microsoft identity and access technologies, then you’ve just found it.

Our reputation is based on exceptionally positive feedback from our customers and who include Microsoft themselves and our competitors. We were commissioned by Microsoft to write the Forefront Identity Manager (FIM) training courses. And now we’re writing the definitive Microsoft Identity Manager (MIM) courses.

POTY2015 blue and orangeWe are Microsoft Partner of the Year winner in 1991, 1993, 2000, 2008, 2013, 2014 and 2015 (three years in a row!) and finalists in 2007, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2016.

An excellent learning experience. Professional, approachable and friendly. This is a specialist subject with a lot of elements… Paul, the trainer, explained it all logically making it clear how the various components interact. The knowledge I gained is invaluable and Paul is knowledgeable beyond all expectation since he’s actually a practicing FIM consultant as well as trainer. I highly recommend OCG.

Donovan Webbstudent on FIM Foundation course

Our people

Hugh Simpson-Wells
Hugh Simpson-Wells

Hugh Simpson-Wells

Founder, CEO and trainer, Oxford Computer Group

Hugh has lived and breathed IT for more than 30 years in technical, management and board level roles. In 2002 Hugh decided to focus OCG’s activities entirely on identity and access. Hugh has been described as “a guy that everyone just wants to be around.” The loyalty of his staff and colleagues over three decades bears this out. Hugh still loves to teach. Hugh bakes some of the world’s most delicious chocolate cakes and likes to listen to prog rock.

Paul Captainino

Paul Captainino

Trainer and consultant, Oxford Computer Group

Paul often works on consulting projects alone and enjoys using his skills to get stuck in to solving a whole variety of customers’ problems. When he’s teaching, he shares all this detailed knowledge and experience with his students, who – without exception – rave about his presentation skills in conveying some very tricky concepts.

Paul loves cycling and when he’s teaching in far-flung corners of the world, he usually takes his bike with him. Paul is fuelled by tea and chocolate biscuits (cookies).

Frank Drewes

Frank Drewes

Technical architect and trainer, Oxford Computer Group

Frank says: “…the quality of the people I work with at OCG is top notch. Our customers expect and deserve nothing less.”

As a consultant, Frank loves to use the latest technology to solve difficult identity challenges for customers. And when he’s not doing that, he’s teaching tech. Frank likes cycling and scuba diving. Though rarely at the same time.

James Cowling

James Cowling

Chief Technical Officer, Oxford Computer Group

James has more than 25 years’ experience in IT consulting and management. He has a deep knowledge of the Microsoft identity and access stack as it has evolved over time, and a passion for all new technology. He understands the inner workings of MIM in an astonishingly depth, and in 2016 he wrote our Privileged Access Management in MIM course. He’s currently developing an offering on Microsoft security – working title: The firewall is history! The future is identity-driven security.

Andi Sheeka

Andi Sheeka

Technical architect and trainer

As our technical architect, Andi ensures our corporate infrastructure is working smoothly, efficiently and securely. She has long experience as a trainer and as a consultant. She knows about enterprise architecture, system deployment, identity management, AD, MIM/FIM, cloud, Azure, and how everything connects.

In her so-called spare time, Andi’s currently building herself a new house. She loves to tend to her small flock of chickens and ducks. Andi says: “I’m not as boring as this makes me sound!”

Julie Buckley

Julie Buckley

Administrator, Oxford Computer Group

Julie has arranged, organized and co-ordinated the work of OCG Learning for longer than she cares to remember. When she’s not making sure everything is running like clockwork at OCG, you’ll find her out and about with her family sailing, fishing and sheltering from the British weather from the comfort of ‘Old Blue’, her campervan.

Steve Mitchell

Steve Mitchell

Technical director, Oxford Computer Group

Steve has worked in IT since his early teens in the 1970s when he helped Oxford professors develop biology tracking applications. For the last 45 years he has worked with a wide range of technology; developing encryption and network devices, getting patents for clients, and more recently developing most of the tools used by Oxford Computer Group, and providing identity consulting. Steve is one of the founders of Oxford Computer Group.

Mark Forbes

Mark Forbes

Training Sales Manager

Mark works closely with our customers ensuring that people the world over who need our specialist training get the right course in the right place at the right time.

Mark is a Coventry City Football Club supporter. To overcome this source of perpetual disappointment, Mark delights in his wonderful family which has recently grown again with the acquisition of a cute but bonkers dog called Dylan and his first grandson.

Jane Tomlinson

Jane Tomlinson

Worldwide Marketing Co-Ordinator, Oxford Computer Group

Jane co-ordinates our marketing efforts for OCG Learning as well as helping Oxford Computer Group in the US with theirs. She is our webmistress – so any typos or errors you spot here are entirely her responsibility.

When not co-ordinating our marketing, Jane is an award-winning artist and illustrator, with a passion for quirky cartography, biogeography, birds and Shakespeare. Check out her paintings on her website.

Moth Clark

Moth Clark

Course and communications administrator

Moth is our ‘Man Friday’ tackling a range of tasks from general marketing and communications, to proofing, editing and testing course materials, and whatever else needs attention. He stands up our students’ virtual machines, supports online students and ensures all our students have everything they need to successfully complete their courses. He spent 27 years as a civil servant, including many years on the front line of customer service – so nothing can test his patience. He is, he says, a ‘professional pedant’ – valuable skills, we think.

When not chained to his desk, Moth escapes to the woods (or the fields, mountains, hills, moors or beaches) to seek out and photograph the natural world. His wildlife photography is truly exceptional. Take a look at his photos on Twitter.  His name, by the way, is short for Timothy.