What and how to study
What and how to study

mode of study graphicWhich type of training is right for me?

Everyone’s unique.  We learn in different ways, and have different needs and requirements. That’s why OCG Learning offers a choice of training options. You can attend intensive classroom training (in person or remotely over the internet) or learn at your own pace online. You choose.

what you can expect from each Mode of Study

Discover what you'll learn on a MIM courseWHat will I lEARN on MY MIM COURSE?

If you already have ILM, FIM or MIM experience you may be wondering what level of MIM course to study. Our handy sheet will help you decide.

MIM course COnTENT at a Glance

And check out this video of our trainer Paul, in which he explains the differences between the courses.


Instructor-led in the classroom or remotely

For many people, the direct interaction with an expert tutor is the best way to learn. So join us at one of our well-equipped training venues in the UK, US, Germany or the Netherlands for a public course.

If you can’t physically get to our classrooms, join us remotely through the magic of the internet! Read more about what it’s like to learn remotely. More and more people are choosing to study this way.

Courses take place in Pacific time, Eastern time, or UK time.

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Join the class from wherever you are on the planet

"At first, I was hesitant about doing the course remotely, but I would have no concerns now. I was in Pacific time zone, other students were in EST zone, the instructor was in the UK, and everything worked great!"

Bruce Mstudent on MIM Expert course, March 2016

Private courses

Do a number of people in your organization require MIM/FIM, PAM or Azure training? If so, a private training course on your premises may be the answer.

There are many benefits to training privately:

  • significant savings on travel and overnight expenses for your staff
  • arrange the course on a date convenient to you and your team
  • flexible course content – we can’t completely re-write courses but we can tailor the content to focus on the elements most important to you
  • training with your colleagues means you can have discussions specific and relevant to you
  • huge cost savings – train more than five people and you immediately save on the costs of classroom training
  • keep your valuable IT professionals on-site – we’d rather they stay focused on the training, but we know emergencies happen


“If you’re considering MIM, don’t proceed without Oxford Computer Group’s world-class training. This is what makes or breaks IAM Departments. Without it, our complex identity management project could not have succeeded.” A mid-west university’s IT team

Our private courses run in the same way as our public courses. Students get comprehensive printed course notes to guide them. Many of our alumni call this ‘their bible’ and refer back to it repeatedly.

The instructor takes the students through the modules and labs, and is on hand to offer one-to-one help.

When students have completed the course, they get a certificate of attendance as well as a time-limited login to access the OCG Training Portal, giving them access to course manuals, tutorials, course modules and self-assessment quizzes, so they can immediately begin to build on and put into practice what they learned on the course.


To host a private training course, our technicians set up the training VMs in the cloud. This means that delegates simply arrive with their own laptops and they can access the VMs through your broadband connection. This reduces the  set-up to a minimum.

All instructor expenses, such as travel and hotels are charged at cost.

Guide prices for private training.

Interested in a private course?

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Keep on learning

If you attend a class  in person or remotely, you get free access to all online demos, quizzes and lectures for one month from the first day of your course. This will help you to consolidate what you learn, and if you found a particular section tricky, you can go over it again.

Need even more? You can extend your VM time to continue
accessing the environment, enabling you to re-do labs and explore the
product more deeply.

Self-paced online

Learn any time, any place, any where!

OCG’s online training courses allow students learn in their own time, at their own pace and with the support of an experienced mentor.

Course modules are split into lessons presented as videos. Most modules include one or more labs, and generally include a demonstration of the lab so that you can see how to do it before you try it.

Expert supervision

If a student needs advice, they can email for help, and we will answer as quickly as we can. Depending on the issue, we will either reply by email or arrange a Skype  session to discuss it. For issues that relate to the course content, it will be an experienced tutor that responds.

What’s included?

  • Four weeks’ access to online lectures, quizzes and demos
  • Four weeks’ access to a virtual machine environment
  • Perpetual access to the soft copy of the course manual
  • Email support from a dedicated tutor
  • Course certificate (subject to review)

The courses currently available for you to study online at your own pace are MIM Foundation. and MIM Advanced. These are suitable for those wanting FIM training too.

In this six minute video our CEO, Hugh Simpson-Wells, explains how online training works, and shows an example of a videoed lesson, and videoed lab demonstration.

See courses Read our blog about learning MIM online

Thank you for an excellent course! Paul, the trainer, is very experienced. What I learned will be of great value to me for IAM planning, architecture and operations in the financial services organisation I work for.

Hans Uleberg, Norway