Microsoft Azure training courses – always learn the latest

Azure changes rapidly. 

Free resources are available on the web – including webinars, videos and how-to articles. But where do you start? Which can you trust? How do you know whether what you’re reading and watching is accurate and up to date? How do you get a complete educational experience?

It’s our job to know what these are. With professional, structured training from industry experts you can be quite sure you learn only the most up-to-date version. Read more.

We have three Microsoft Azure courses – which one is right for you?

John Craddock’s Identity Masterclass
Azure AD Foundation training course

Our Azure AD Connect Masterclass

In 3 days of hands-on training you’ll learn:

  • How AAD Connect works and how it should be configured and maintained
  • Installation and configuration using the wizard
  • Multi-forest configuration and the configuration of single sign-on, and much more…

The Identity Masterclass with John Craddock dives deeply into detail.

In 5 days we cover:

  • Authentication protocols
  • Azure AD, PowerShell and graph APIs
  • Hybrid considerations: web app proxy, pass-through authentication and AD FS
  • Working with SaaS, WS-federation, OAuth2.0 apps, and claims-aware apps
  • Enabling B2B and B2C

Our Azure AD foundation training course

In 3 days we cover:

  • Extending AD into the cloud
  • Enabling O365, protecting cloud identities and data using identity protection, conditional access and information protection
  • Group management, self-service, and the Myapps portal

Note: This course is currently available ONLY as a private course

Here’s what students on a recent Identity Masterclass thought about it:

Read more customer feedback.

So which is it to be? The 3-day AAD Connect Masterclass, the 3-day foundation Azure AD foundation training course or the 5-day deep dive Identity Masterclass? But if you’re in any doubt which is the best course for you, call us or email us, we’ll be happy to help.