OCG Function Evaluator Tool

Our Functionality Tool for FIM and MIM Projects, the Function Evaluator:

  • Offers better functionality than the out-of-box solution
  • Reduces development time

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The FIM or MIM portal service can run processes as a result of changes to identity data – these are called workflows. So for example, when a new user is added, workflow could establish a unique account name for them, or when someone wants access to a group, a workflow could ask for the group’s owner to approve this request. Workflows can be built up out of components called activities, and a number are provided out-of-the-box.

Many simple workflows really only need something to be ‘calculated’, such as a date, or unique name. The workflow component that does this is called a function evaluator and there is one provided with FIM and MIM. But it is limited. And these limitations are what inspired us to create our own OCG Function Evaluator which offers far more functions.

The OCG Function Evaluator is a custom workflow activity that you can include in an action or authorization workflow, that will be run when triggered by an MPR, which itself is invoked by a request to change data in the FIM or MIM Service database. For example, it could establish a unique account name, or add a value to an existing multi-valued attribute.

It can sit alongside the out-of-the-box one. We use the OCG Function Evaluator in virtually every project.

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Function Evaluator download the free tool now!

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