FIMalyzer Tool

£1000 / $1550 / €1350

the FIMalyzer, Our FIM and MIM analysis tool:

  • Allows you to explore the FIM/MIM configuration interactively, or as a Word report which can be saved as a PDF or web file
  • Provides a technical specification for effective support

The FIMalyzer analyzes the configuration of FIM/MIM installations (it works with ILM 2007 too) and presents the output either interactively, or as a Word report. It’s interactive, allowing you to explore the configuration in various ways, for example you can examine “Which objects use (refer to) this object?” It’s very hard to do this any other way.

The report can cover almost the entire configuration, effectively a detailed and accurate technical specification, including everything from the portal user interface to the code used in rules extensions. You have control over what Word styles to use for the different components on which you are reporting, and you can include your own custom text and diagrams in the report. Whenever the configuration is updated, you generate a new report and your custom text and diagrams are included. The report is fully cross-referenced with hyperlinks, and so can be saved as a web document.

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About the free trial tool Our trial tool runs with reduced functionality. It won’t let you copy the change configuration until you pay for a license. After you’ve downloaded, installed and tested it, to unlock its complete functionality, you must pay for a full licence. If you have done our MIM Expert course, you get a 25% discount. Call us if this is the case.

About licensing Licensing is per FIM/MIM implementation, but applies to all instances. So for example, you might have development, test and production environments – that’s one license. If you manage another production implementation at another customer or site – that’s another license.

Buying a license Pay for the license on this page (see big pink button above) then follow the instructions in your installation’s help file to generate a licence request. We will respond to your licence request as swiftly as we can usually a matter of hours, within normal business hours.

Make analysis easy – get the FIMalyzer today! Any questions? Call UK: +44 (0)1865 521200 or USA: +1 425-577-6542