FIM Forefront Identity Manager Training Courses

The course was excellent – one of the very best I’ve been on. I learned a great deal in preparation for our upcoming identity project.
Thanks to all those involved in delivering it.

Phil R, UK

This product is no longer available.

Our FIM training courses have been superseded by our MIM (Microsoft Identity Manager) courses.

What’s the difference between FIM and MIM training?

Our FIM training courses (Microsoft Forefront Identity Manager) are still available but we strongly recommend that you take one of our MIM courses – even if you’re using FIM, or indeed ILM. The differences between FIM and MIM are not huge, so if you’re going to invest time and energy in training, then you should future-proof your skills by taking the most up to date MIM courses available. We have three:

We have public courses scheduled in the US and UK throughout the year, we run private courses, and you can study online, too.: there are many different ways to study. If you’d like to discuss the right type and level of training for you in more detail, call us now and we will be happy to talk you through the options.

Our FIM courses have been superseded by our MIM courses, all of which are suitable for FIM users. For detailed course information see:

I sat the FIM Expert course which was excellent to round up all the FIM training. The knowledge I gained will be invaluable on our identity project.

Helen B, Microsoft Specialist, Bournemouth, UK
Attended FIM Expert in person in the classroom, 2015

The instructors, Hugh and Steve, made for an interesting double act, and together brought a good spread of expertise to the teaching.

Matt S, Server Infrastructure Officer, Kent, UK
Attended FIM Expert in person in the classroom, 2015

Having attended all three FIM courses with OCG I am more confident on the product in its entirety. The trainers are much experienced in all aspects, and posses extraordinary skills on the product in the real world.

Asif R, Solutions Architect, India
attended all three FIM courses in person in the classroom, 2014 to 2016